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  • Study area: Under this project two districts namely Koraput and Nabarangapur are assigned to ICAR-IISWC. In Koraput District there are 97 MWS with 37 pilot/saturation MWS and remaining 60 are LRI MWS. In Nabarangapur district, all the 39 MWS are LRI watersheds and there is no pilot/saturation MWS as per the list provided by the DSC&WD. The ICAR-IISWC monitor each one model MWS at Koraput and Nabarangpur with full instrumentation. Including model MWS in each district, 25% of the MWS are to monitored for impact assessment starting from baseline survey up to 5th year of the project. The table below details the number of MWS in each districts and also to be monitoring MWS. The Research Centre will monitor two model MWS each at Koraput and Nabarangpur apart from 12 MWS at Koraput.
भारतीय कृषि अनुसंधान परिषद - भारतीय मृदा एवं जल संरक्षण संस्थान देहरादून.